Welcome to Dennis Lin O.D., Inc. of Monterey Park, CA

We are pleased to welcome you to our practice. Our commitment is not just in meeting your expectations,… [more]

Welcome to Dennis Lin O.D., Inc. of Monterey Park, CA Welcome to Dennis Lin O.D., Inc. of Monterey Park, CA

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Welcome to Dennis Lin O.D., Inc. of Monterey Park, CA

We are pleased to welcome you to our practice. Our commitment is not just in meeting your expectations, but in exceeding them! Because we know how much your eye health and appearance can mean to the quality of your life, we are committed to excellence in servicing your complete eye care needs.

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Closed on May 26th in Observance of Memorial Day

We would like to thank all of our troops for their dedicated work and all their sacrifices to help keep our country safe.  I hope the best for all of our Veterans!  Have a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend!


May 2014 : Donation of Sunglasses to Kids In Jamaica

As the sunlight hours increases as we near the Summer months, Dennis Lin, O.D. Inc. have donated 200 pairs of sunglasses to children in need in Jamaica.  As part of the Caribbean Outreach program, Dr. Ward from the Community Health Alliance of Pasadena will be delivering the sunglasses as she travels to Jamaica on her voluntary mission to help those in need of medical care.  In total, Dennis Lin, O.D. Inc have donated nearly 600 pairs of sunglasses over the past few years.  Most of the sun damage from harmful U.V. rays occur before the age of 18.  It is always best to protect your valuable eyes with sunglasses.


We are open on Tuesday December 31st from 10am to 4pm.

We normally are closed on Tuesdays but will be open on this special Tuesday to accommodate last minute insurance patients.  Use your vision insurance such as VSP, Eyemed, Medi-cal, Medicare, and more.  We accept most vision insurances.  Don’t let your benefits go to waste.   Please call our office at 323-264-2015 to verify your insurance benefits.


Use your Flexible Spending Account by December 31st.

Utilize and maximize your FSA/HSA account by the end of the year.  Don’t let your pre-tax dollars go down the drain.  Use your flexible spending account towards co-pays, frames, lenses, prescription sunglasses, contacts, or any eye care services by December 31st, 2013.  Use it or lose it.


Vision Screening Results

Vision Screening Results :  Fall 2013

Total Number of Chilren Screened:  2220

 September 5th, 2013  Monterey Highland                     456 Children Screened

 September 12nd, 2013 Ynez                                          436  Children Screened

 September 19th, 2013  Brightwood                               447  Children Screened

 September 26th , 2013   Repetto                                   419  Children Screened

 October 3rd, 2013      Hillcrest                                                229  Children Screened

 October 3rd, 2013      Monterey Vista                                     233 Children Screened



16.25% of children failed the vision screening.


Subjective Assessment:

Numerous children were borderline passing.  Children that squints during a visual acuity test may artificially pass a vision screening.  Also, severely scratched lenses and dirty lenses may artificially cause a child to fail the vision screening test.


Far-sighted children that pass the vision screening may still have problems with near/reading vision that might affect learning.  These children are able to accommodate and see well at distance but may have visual issues with focusing for reading, writing, computers, homework, etc.  Reading glasses may benefit these kids and a professional eye exam may be indicated. 


Approximately less than 10% of Ortho-Keratology(Overnight Myopia Control) failed their vision screening.  This indicated that 90% or more passed their vision screening and may indicate a slow down in the progression of nearsightedness.  Published scientific studies has shown that Ortho-K lenses may help slow down the progression of myopia in children.


Myopic children are easier to detect because most vision charts are designed for distance whereas near vision test is quite often neglected which affects more hyperopic children.



Approximately 1 in 5 children failed their school vision screening.


Vision screening programs are intended to help identify children with eye or vision problems that threaten sight or impair their ability to develop and learn normally.  However, vision screenings are a limited process and cannot be used to diagnose an eye or vision problem, but rather to indicate a potential need for further evaluation.

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